Silly or Thought ?

Email is wonderful.  Some times we just get items in email that are worth keeping.  This page is just for that.  Some of this stuff is silly, stupid or thought provoking.  Now I don't want to get all that deep, so I will leave it at that.  Enjoy!


Rose... Very touching and worth the time you will spend reading it. Oh No... Are people really that stupid?  See for yourself. Just love this song.  And from time-to-time I sing it for no apparent reason. But you do need the lyrics too.  Hello Mudda
A Redneck Joke or the Truth?  You be the judge of this little story... The Horses _______ and the Railroad... Strange Facts...
Women think they are smarter than men... What Do Teachers Make? People over 30 should be dead...
Computer Problem Report Form This was my first attempt at Podcasting.  I have since learned more about Podcasting and have created several.  Although those are work related.  This is me just rambling on. This is a 7 minute file of basically nothing! Who is a valuable member of the team and why?
Words from Mr. Gates Girlfriend 7.0 upgrade to Wife 1.0 Application to Date My Daughter
Customer Service