Bo's Trips

With the digital camera, it is much easier to capture our trips for posterity.  Okay, lets just be honest for a minute... Those that know me, know I am too cheep to develop the film.  Go Digital!!!

This page highlights some pictures and movies of trips I have taken with my buddies.  So if you want to take a few minutes of your life, site back relax and enjoy the memories.  I will warn you, there are a number of these so you may want to grab a cold one.

Oh... Someone asked me the other day who Bo is...  Bo is me!

Another one bites the dust.. Also known as Roo Roo's big adventure.  Click here to see some very tame bachelor party pictures.  We got old and traded the "     " bars for a fishing boat.  And had a great time too!
For the past three years Bill and I have taken a trip to Lake Powell (Recent years, Rich, Rich, or Rick joined us).  A trip we took many times as young boys and men.  These days we enjoy the views, cold beverages, great food and talk about how cool we used to be.  See for yourself.  The views that is.  As for cool... Well you just have to know us and judge for yourself. Smile!

Powell 2002 | Powell 2003 Images|2003 Slide Show | Powell 2004 Images| 2004 Slide Show |Powell 2005 Images | 2005 Slide Show | Powell 2006 Images | 2006 Slide Show (video) |Powell 2007 |


Years ago, 60 pounds, and two kids, my buddies and I used to got to a special place and crawl around the rocks like lizards. Okay, we mostly hung on ropes, thank God for climbing gear!

In March of 2004 I took a side trip through the Joshua Tree National Forest.  These are images of that trip. 

Just before you hit the turn off to Joshua Tree, there is a little stop called Chiriaco Summit.  Today it is a place to get gas and a soda.  In years past, it was home of the Desert Training Center where over a million men were trained during WWII.  Today it host the George S. Patton Memorial Museum.  This gallery of images also contain a few pictures from the museum.

March of 2002 I was fortunate enough to take a trip of a life time.  My buddy Ladd invited me to go to Paris with his wife Nancy and there youngest son Logan.  To that point in my life I never has any intension of traveling outside the US.  With the encouragement of Jenifer, I made the trip and I have to say that I am SO glad I did.  If you have never travel outside the US, I would encourage you to do so.  It will give you a different perspective on the world and the way you look at the world.  Check it out. Arizona sports some beautiful country.  March of 2005 my oldest daughter Victoria and I loaded up in my old (1984) Chevy truck and took a little trip.  We headed out the Beeline highway toward Payson, made a quick turn on Four Peaks road then another onto Forest Road 143 (143 is for me so I don't forget again... but that is another story.) on our quest to see some pretty country. 

The winter and spring of 2005 were particularly wet so we were able to enjoy a number of streams as we crossed over the mountain pass.  Heading down the back side into the Tonto Basin we  had a birds eye view of Roosevelt Lake.  In these images, the lake was at 90% capacity (based on the taller dam).  This was the first time I has seen the water this high since 1992.  In fact, to my knowledge, this is the highest this lake has ever been.  Give this link a click and enjoy the show.