I waited until the weather got really really hot to build the club house for Victoria and Fredreka.  This gallery will give you a few images as the building was built.  You will see a few people in these images: Bill, Harold (Grandpa who was supervising)  Fredreka who didn't seem all that interested in the building, Victoria and her friend Kelsey.  Being the person taking the pictures, I didn't make the site. Note:  This is a work in progress.  Enjoy 

UPDATE...  Saturday April 9, 2005...  Major construction is complete.  Now we just need to have the official ribbon cutting ceremony and install some window coverings.  For those wondering the value added to the home, I am not sure but I hope it is 7 bucks shy of 2600. <Smile>  

Oh, one last thing... To see a 640 x 480 image, double click on the image.